Initializing The Client


Your access token may be found on your Account page.

account page

Note the access token expires every 24 hours and will require manual refreshing. If you have a use case that requires longer-term access to the API, please reach out to

Project ID

At the moment all API calls must be made against a project (this may change in the future). We recommend creating a dummy project to make API calls against. You can do this through the app and find the project ID in the editor URL, for example:

The above URL indicates the project ID is 2315.


With an access token and project ID you can now initialize the metafold.MetafoldClient and begin making API calls!

from metafold import MetafoldClient

access_token = "..."
project_id = "123"

metafold = MetafoldClient(access_token, project_id)

Follow our Quickstart guide or jump straight into some more complete examples in the source code repo.